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Hadj Zellat, a professional hairdresser, opened his first hair salon in Brussels in 1982 at the age of 24.
In 1987, with a wealth of experience behind him, he created his own smart and nonchalant style (stylishly “mussed” hair), combining the “French touch” with the spirit of London “street wear”. At that time, he gave birth to “Olivier Dachkin”.

He applied new ways of looking at his work. He conceived a functional hair salon and offered training to his workers and affordable services to his customers. Soon he opened a second salon, then a third one and shortly thereafter he chose to work with franchisees In 1997 the hairdresser’s first franchise opened its doors together with the Training Center: the Olivier Dachkin Academy.

Franchising has enabled his network to grow quickly. In 17 years, he has opened more than 90 salons, including 70 with franchisees, thus becoming the leader of hairdressing in Belgium.

The Olivier Dachkin concept is running on all cylinders in the Benelux region, but the company still believes it has a lot of ideas to develop. The beauty market is constantly changing, and Olivier Dachkin wants to be the main actor in this evolving business.

The success of the concept is mainly due to the ongoing training of the Olivier Dachkin hairdressers and employees. The satisfaction of the customers is the main goal.

The modern, friendly layout of the salons as well as the marketing and communication campaigns have made Olivier Dachkin the absolute leader of hairdressing in Belgium Today, Olivier Dachkin hair salons are number 1 in Belgium with 90 locations.

The company has unique know-how and an unmistakable style, which respects the personality of each customer, with innovative techniques and high-quality products.

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