Copper shades, a big trend

A real trend at the moment, copper highlights give a very naturel red hair. it’s a color that suits many different skin tones. But it’s best to talk to our colorists beforehand to see if the shade you’ve selected is doable or not.

These highlights will work equally well on both short and long hair. Wether you opt for a warm orange tone or light copper highlights, it will bring warmth and light to your summer!

Tempted by the pixie cut?

The pixie cut, very popular in the 90s, will be the trendy short cut for this summer 2022!

The pixie cut is different from other short cuts because it has a rounded shape with a slight gradient. Inspired by the mullet cut, you can let your hair grow on the back of your neck as much as you want and only touch up the lengts that will fall on your face.

There are two advantages to the pixie cut. First, is a cut that fits everyone. Indeed, you can ask our hairdressers to play with the lengths of the locks so that it adapts well to the shape of you face. Secondly, it’s a very easy cut to style and will require little maintenance.

Kérastase Duo Box

Discover the new Kérastase boxes composed of a bath and a mask. A good idea for a gift on Mother’s Day or to treat yourself.

Take advantage of the reduced rates:

  • Blond Absolu : 54€ / 69.70€
  • Curl Manifesto : 54 € / 69.70€
  • Genesis : 45€ / 69.70€
  • Nutritive : 45€ / 62.40€

Try the Kérastase Chronologist Mask to welcome the beautiful days

No matter what time of year it is, it is always important to take care of your hair with a good mask. We’ve already shared ahomemade mask to get though the winter. Today we’re sharing Kérastase’s Chronologist Mask for the arrival of the beautiful days.

Indeed, this care with hyaluronic acid will be perfect to give light to your hair. It will also nourish the dehydrated hair by bringing shine and flexibility.

Embrace the milk tea hair trend for spring

A trend from Japan, milk tea hair is a color similar to that of tea or latte. It is an ideal color to bring freshness and light as soonas spring returns. This new trend will suit both light and dark brown hair.

The milk tea hair is worked in the same way as a balayage so that the result is natural and the color is well blended throughout the hair. A color that is between dark blonde and light brown, a slight mixture between golden and ashy tones, it will bring a nice shade to your hair. And to maintain this color, we advise you to use the Kérastase Chroma Absolu bath.

The bottleneck bangs, the trendy fringe for spring

We’ve known straight bangs and curtain baings, but the new trend for 2022 is bottleneck bangs. It’s called the “bottlehead” bangs and the good thing is that this cut suits all face shpaes. These bangs are going to be thin at the top and then thicken and flare out to the eyebrows and ears. This hairstyles is inspired by the 70s and has already been approved by many stars.

What makes it different from other bangs is that the bottleneck bangs will be much easier to style because of its lenght, you will only have to separate it in two and blow dry it.

Discover the new Kérastase range

Chroma Absolu, a specific range for brunettes

We are going to present you 5 products that we have selected from the new Kérastase range. In this new range you will find first of all the Chroma Respect Bath. It is a shampoo that will protect and moisturize colored, sensitized or damaged hair. It will help preserve your color and bring shine to your hair. Recommendation: Apply this bath twice to clean the lenghts and ends.

We have selected two masks. First, the Chroma Filler Mask which is an anti-porosity mask for damaged or sensitized hair. This treatment wil strengthen and nourish the bair, because it penetrates the heart of the hair so that your strands are stronger. It will also bring shine and preserve your color. Recommendation: Apply this mask to washed and well-dried hair. Apply only to the lenghts and ends, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.

If after a few shampoos, your hair has orange highlights, the Chroma Green Neutralizing Mask is for you. You’ll see your red or copper highlights neutralized for a darker, cooler brown. This mask also provides hydratation and reduces porosity in order to keep your color longer. Recommendation: Wear gloves and apply this mask to washed an towel dried hair. Massage the hair into the lenghts and ends and leave on for a maximum of 5 minutes. Then, rinse.

Then, the Acid Chroma Gloss will bring a high shine to your colored hair. It is a solutoin that will deeply moisturize your hair and strengthen the hair fiber. It will also reduce porosity and bring an intense color. Recommendation: Apply this treatment only on washed and dried lenghts and ends. It will be necessary to let act during 1 to 2 minutes and to rinse.

Finally, the Chroma Thermal Anti-Frizz Serum targets colored, sensitized or damaged hair. This serum will take care of your hair and protect it from external aggressoins such as humidity, heat, oxidative stress, … It also offers a thermo-protection at 230° for all those who love wavys. Recommendation: apply to the ends between 6 to 10 sprays depending on your lenght and thickness of your hair, on towel-dried hair. Comb throug to distribute the product and air dry or blow dry your hair.

Gamme Chroma Absolu

Give your hair some light

Want to give your hair a boost? Opt for a balayage or highlights.

For a more pronounced result, you’ll want to go for highlights, which will be more visible than a balayage because the highlights are wider. They will add light and shine to your hair. Depending on the color and intensity you choose, you will obtain a more or less natural result.

However, if you want a much more subtle change and a very natural result, we advise you to choose a balayage. Indeed, with this partial coloring technique, we prefer to choose a color that is closer to your natural color in order to have an elegant result.

To properly maintain highlights, it is recommended to use a shampoo and a nourishing mask for colored hair to keep the shine and light of the color. For blondes, Kérastase has a specific range for the maintenance of highlights and bleaching: Blond Absolu. For brunettes, the brand new Kérastase Chroma Absolu range is a must! You should also come in for touch-ups every two or three months so that the demarcations with your natural color are not too visible. A balayage requires less maintenance since the root is not touched.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our new 30% off promotion on highlights and balayage from February 7 to 19, 2022 in our Olivier Dachkin hair salons.

Homemade mask to overcome winter

In winter, we know that our hair becomes fragile more quickly. Indeed, it is often dry and electric. And like our skin, they tend to dry out more quickly. We will suggest here two natural masks to make at home. But before applying a mask, it is important to identify your hair type. In winter, we tend to suggest nourishing masks. However, we have also thought of proposing a purifying mask for those who have an oily scalp.

Moisturizing mask for brown hair

For dry hair and especially for brunettes you will need:

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 5 squares of melted organic dark chocolate
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix everything together, apply to your hair by massaging and leave on for 15 minutes. Then move on to shampooing. You can repeat this 1x per week.

Moisturizing mask for blonde hair

For blond and dry hair, we prefer honey, which will also lighten your color slightly. You will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 egg yolk

Apply this generously, massage and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo. This mask can also be repeated once a week.

Purifying mask for oily hair

For oily hair, we suggest a puryfing mask based on green clay. To do this, you will have to mix green clay and cider vinegar until you get a smooth and homogeneous paste. Apply the mask to your scalp this time and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo. This mask can be applied 1x per week.

Tips for wavys

The wavy remains a trend all year round

Wether it’s simple waves or well-defined curls, it will suit all hair lengths.

To achieve a wavy, get a curling iron and divide your hair in two. A lower part and an upper part. Take strands that are netiher too thick nor too thin and wrap them around the iron. Hold the tip of your strand in your hand and count a few seconds, then release it. You can repeat this on all your strands or only on a few depnding on the result you want to obtain. Repeat this action also on the top part. Once finished, wait a few minutes for your hair to cool before relaxing your curls. Don’t hesitate to apply a coat of hairspray to make the wavys hold well.

If your hair is too sensitive, you can also opt for a more natural technique. It will be a question of making braids on wet hair before going to sleep.

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