Discover the new Kérastase range

Chroma Absolu, a specific range for brunettes

We are going to present you 5 products that we have selected from the new Kérastase range. In this new range you will find first of all the Chroma Respect Bath. It is a shampoo that will protect and moisturize colored, sensitized or damaged hair. It will help preserve your color and bring shine to your hair. Recommendation: Apply this bath twice to clean the lenghts and ends.

We have selected two masks. First, the Chroma Filler Mask which is an anti-porosity mask for damaged or sensitized hair. This treatment wil strengthen and nourish the bair, because it penetrates the heart of the hair so that your strands are stronger. It will also bring shine and preserve your color. Recommendation: Apply this mask to washed and well-dried hair. Apply only to the lenghts and ends, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.

If after a few shampoos, your hair has orange highlights, the Chroma Green Neutralizing Mask is for you. You’ll see your red or copper highlights neutralized for a darker, cooler brown. This mask also provides hydratation and reduces porosity in order to keep your color longer. Recommendation: Wear gloves and apply this mask to washed an towel dried hair. Massage the hair into the lenghts and ends and leave on for a maximum of 5 minutes. Then, rinse.

Then, the Acid Chroma Gloss will bring a high shine to your colored hair. It is a solutoin that will deeply moisturize your hair and strengthen the hair fiber. It will also reduce porosity and bring an intense color. Recommendation: Apply this treatment only on washed and dried lenghts and ends. It will be necessary to let act during 1 to 2 minutes and to rinse.

Finally, the Chroma Thermal Anti-Frizz Serum targets colored, sensitized or damaged hair. This serum will take care of your hair and protect it from external aggressoins such as humidity, heat, oxidative stress, … It also offers a thermo-protection at 230° for all those who love wavys. Recommendation: apply to the ends between 6 to 10 sprays depending on your lenght and thickness of your hair, on towel-dried hair. Comb throug to distribute the product and air dry or blow dry your hair.

Gamme Chroma Absolu

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