Haircut trends for spring 2023

For long hair, we find a strong inspiration from the 2000s, with the side parting and a styled-decorated effect. Long hair is layered with a wispy fringe or a long lock that is worn as a “butterfly” fringe. The style gives a butterfly effect at the edge of the face.

The bob is worn long, at the height of the collarbones and slightly plunging. The gradient is worked in small touches at the level of the fringe, or at the edge of the face.

The “shaggy” is always on display with its long and rounded fringe that brings a lot of softness to the face and highlights the cheekbones.

And if you want short, it will be very short: unstructured, with sometimes longer locks that you can style as you wish, and especially bleached or highlighted, with a touch of madness.

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