L’Oréal Paris againt harassment

As you know, we’ve been working with L’Oréal Paris hair color product for years. So, we thought it would be interesting to share with you their latest STAND UP campaign which fights against street harassment. What is the goal of this campaign? To learn how to react safely wheter you are a victim or a witness. L’Oréal Paris decided to collaborate with the association “Touche pas à ma pote” in order to join forces. Empowering women, making them believe in themselves, valuing themselves, … all this is the main message of L’Oréal Paris.

It is therefore quite natural that they have decided to dedicate themselves to this issue. In order to give you tips on how to react to street harassment, they have developed the 5D method:

  1. Distract
  2. Delegate
  3. Document
  4. Leading
  5. Dialogue

These are five effecting and simples rules that everyone can apply wether they are a victim or a witness of street harassment.

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