Tips for wavys

The wavy remains a trend all year round

Wether it’s simple waves or well-defined curls, it will suit all hair lengths.

To achieve a wavy, get a curling iron and divide your hair in two. A lower part and an upper part. Take strands that are netiher too thick nor too thin and wrap them around the iron. Hold the tip of your strand in your hand and count a few seconds, then release it. You can repeat this on all your strands or only on a few depnding on the result you want to obtain. Repeat this action also on the top part. Once finished, wait a few minutes for your hair to cool before relaxing your curls. Don’t hesitate to apply a coat of hairspray to make the wavys hold well.

If your hair is too sensitive, you can also opt for a more natural technique. It will be a question of making braids on wet hair before going to sleep.

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